Evolution timeline…

2001. Railsite began life as Ultramast, a joint venture between Marconi and Railtrack to build masts on the UK railway network. Railsite continues to own masts built on the railway. 

2003. Railsite provided ADC services to UK MNO’s. 

2004. Purchase of Ultramast by team led by Andy Elliman and Babcock Brown Infrastructure Fund. 

2004. Babcock & Brown and Railsite invested in Shere Group to acquire the United Utilities mast portfolio. These masts were managed by Railsite until it was sold to the Arcus European Investment Fund in 2008. 

2008-2012. Railsite managed Shere Group for Arcus IP. 

2012. Railsite re- invested in Shere Group as it acquired 460 masts from KPN in the Netherlands. Railsite was actively involved in further growth of Shere to become the third largest UK mast infrastructure owner. 

2012. Shere Group eventually managed some 960 masts and mast sites until it was sold to Cellnex in October 2016. 

Railsite acquired Bell & Colvill, the world’s largest and longest serving Lotus car dealership in 2012.  

2016. Railsite made a strategic investment in GSM Telecom, a Norwegian ADC and mast supply company with operations in Europe, Asia and Africa. 

2019. Railsite has co-invested with partners of Arcus IP to create Railsite Telecom.

2021. Railsite Telecom make a strategic investment in Alncom. Specialising in delivering rural broadband in the North East of England, Alncom will be working with Railsite Telecom to improve mobile coverage for railway passengers and rural communities. See http://www.alncom.co.uk for more information.

Railsite Telecom are focused on improving customer experience on the railway.

The Mallard LNER 4468 Class A4 Steam Locomotive
Improving connectivity at a record breaking 126mph in 1938.

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